Sullair compressors

Rotary screw compressors

Sullair ShopTek™ air compressors redefine industry
standards for continuous duty compressors in the 4 to 37
kW range. ShopTek compressors are designed with a small
footprint and are built to provide exceptional reliability and
extremely low maintenance.

All ShopTek compressors are factory-filled with biodegradable Genuine Sullube®
10,000 hour fluid.
• Protects and cleans (no varnish)
• Controls operating temperatures
• Optimal viscosity
• Environmentally friendly
• Reduces fluid loss
• High flash point (263˚ C)

Warranty Information: ShopTek compressors are covered by a 5 year warranty on major
components including:
• Air end
• Air/fluid receiver
• Inverter (on VSD models)
• Main Drive Motor
• Fluid cooler
• Aftercooler

Sullair ShopTek compressors

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