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TRA series

TRA is the most compact 3-stage compression model of IHI. TRA series offers high energy saving , low maintenance, saving on space and easy operation compared to rotary screw compressors. After its launch in 2009, TRA series have continuously satisfied customers who previously used rotary screw compressors with reduction of life cycle cost.

The TRA series has a more compact and simple design than rotary screw compressors. It also provides 3-stage compression in the medium pressure range, which is not possible with rotary screw compressors. Increasing the number of compression stages may improve the compressor’s cooling performance and compression efficiency. The TRA series provides significant cost savings with respect to 2-stage rotary compressors thanks to their optimal aerodynamic design.

TRA series consists of vital components, such as air cooler, main motor, control panel, gear box, suction filter and all these will be fitted into one compact package. This simple design allows for smaller installation space and shorter installation time. The structure of the robust gear box provides the customers with high reliability by utilizing tilting pad journal bearing, customized core parts(Impeller, diffuser). These parts are designed with anti-wearing technology, built for long life and stable operation.

Models and Technical Information

Model Compressor stage
Output maintenance
Flow rate
Weight, kg Dimensions, mm
Lenght Width Height
TRA 20 2 - 3 2 - 11 250 2,470 7100 - 8500 3700 - 4000 2000 2000 - 2200
TRA 50 500 5,100